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History of the fine arts store "Ditta G.POGGI" in Rome

history Ditta Poggi

In all cities we can find places where are preserved deepest and vanished (shade)
traces of the existence of the artistic memory: the Poggi's firm represents
one of this "crossroads" that helped to and go on with the artistic
learning of a lot of painters and students generation thanks to 189 years of experience.
Would you like to know the secrets of painting?
Speaking in the roman way "come to the colourist" and par excellence and fame this means come to the Poggi's.

The company was established in 1825 by Gaspare Poggi as "fine arts store", who following in his family footsteps
setting up his shop closer to the Pantheon and the Collegio Romano, attending to young and great masters,
fresco painters, portrait painters, young and older makers of the most ancient craft of painting.
The greatest figures of the Italian and
international painting such as Morandi, De Chirico, Guttuso, Balthus and even D'Orazio and Schifano and also
artists of transavant-garde such as Chia, Clemente, Cucchi and Paladino attended to the old Poggi's shop in Gesų street.

The closeness with the most famous painters is not showed off by the Poggi's,
in fact in the shop there are not pictures or sketch of author, or photographs with dedication, but
only memories and various, peculiar and coloured stories kept in their memories.
It was told about peculiar primers of De Chirico, or the coloured tinplates of Guttuso or about the rare
kind of lavender used to thin a paint available for Dalė and his wife in the Poggi's shop.

"Memmo" is an old roman boy and he represents the soul of the Poggi's shop till today with
his valuable advices and anecdotes, he was a believer of Balthus and everyone assure that he is the first master
of that well-handled canvas able to set off the indisputable success of the pictures of the French painter.

Also for the faithful friend of the painters and of the eternal friendship, Memmo,
the light porosity is peculiar to Balthus, represents an unknown secret.
In the Poggi's shop besides the sales of material, and the high-good quality of service
according to the love for art, you can breathe and feel a confidential atmosphere, and for this reason
the artists attend Poggi's shop as an occasional but main meeting place.

On the shelf like precious jewels the small tubes of paint,
with their attractive names (emerald, viridian, English red, cadmium red, sky blue, violet, Prussian blue,)
a various set of brushes: radial or spatula shape, cat tongue and also in
ox hair brushes and in precious marten hair are showed.

If in the 1930's painters made use of a few kind of material, nowadays thanks to development and specialization
of industry oils painting and tempera and different kind of acrylic painting are came out.
To be a "colourist" is not a trifle is as important as the work of a prompter or of a councillor.

history Ditta Poggi

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